Here are some questions to get you thinking about the event in more detail. Have a question that we don’t cover? Send it to us by email:

Who is coordinating the All Ability Tri4Youth?


My child has never done a sporting event or race of any kind, is this an event for them?

YES! Start with asking a few questions:

Do they like to be outdoors?

Do they like to do things by themselves or as part of a group?

Do they like the sense of accomplishment when they try something new?

Read about the three ways an athlete can participate, and see if either sound like a fit for your child.  To read about these options go to the Tri4Youth event webpage and scroll to Athlete Information and look for: Individual Athlete / Youth Team / Family Team.


Can a child who does not experience disability participate?

Absolutely! All really means all! Athletes that do not experience disability can either compete as an individual athlete or as a member of a team. To read about these options go to the Tri4Youth event webpage and scroll to Athlete Information and look for:Individual Athlete / Youth Team / Family Team.


What adaptive equipment is provided at the race?

The pool will have noodles, kick boards, life jackets and rafts. Bikes, helmets, adaptive bikes, strollers, chairs, walkers, etc. are the responsibility of the athlete.

  • At the time of registration, indicate that your athlete will be using adaptive equipment and we will send you a survey to find out the specifics.Email for more specific questions.


What does it look like to compete as an individual?

Individual athletes include athletes with and without disability able to complete the swim, bike, and run course independently (i.e under their own steam; with their own power).

  • Individual athletes are definitely allowed to use adaptive equipment! 
  • You can also indicate at the time of registration if your athlete needs additional support at transition (between swim, bike, run segments). If you or someone that already has a relationship with the athlete would like to provide this support, you will need to register as an “Direct Athlete Support Volunteer.”  
  • Only registered Direct Athlete Support Volunteers and team members can be in the transition areas helping athletes.
  • The Direct Athlete Support Volunteer can be a friend, parent, sibling or other family member or PSW – it’s flexible, but we allow only one Athlete Direct Support Volunteer per participant.

For additional questions email

What does it look like to compete as a team?

All youth team members  must be considered youths, 8-26 (give or take) Each youth team is made up of a team captain (who is an athlete experiencing disability) and one or two team members (athletes able to support the captain in completing the swim, bike and run). Teams can have up to 3 members ONLY.

All family teams must have at least one youth team member. Teams can have up to 3 members ONLY.

 Here are some examples of what it might look like–

  • Captain experiences disability with significant mobility challenges; team members may use adaptive equipment such as a raft, to pull the captain to complete the swim, pull them in a bike trailer for the bike, and push them in a run stroller or chair for the run – and they can have the assistance of a direct athlete support volunteer in the transition zones. (Keep reading for more on the direct athlete support volunteers.)
  • One team member can support in all three legs of the course or 2 team members may take turns, and in some cases both team members may provide support at the same time.
  • For example, if the captain experiences disability in a way that makes support during the bike necessary while able to complete the swim independently: the captain competes in swim on their own, the team member(s) (and support volunteer if needed) meet the captain as they exit the pool and head to bike transition, and the team member bikes on their own or with the captain in an adaptive device; the team members (and direct athlete support volunteer if needed) meet at the next transition area and do the run leg and cross finish line together.

For more question email


What is the expected participation of the Team Captain?

The goal is to have the team captain participate in each of the three legs of the race, to the greatest extent possible, with support from team members.

Email for additional ideas on how to support your athletes fullest participation.


Will there be accessible parking at the event?  How many spots are available, and do I need to sign up for it?

Yes! When you arrive, you will look for parking volunteers for further direction.


Can I be out on the course with my athlete?

Cheering fans and family will not be allowed on the course. Only Direct Athlete Support Volunteers and team members can be on the course or in the transition areas helping athletes.

For more questions email


What if I have safety or medical concerns for my athlete?

If you identify that your athlete experiences disability you will be asked to provide additional, more specific information at the time of registration. If you feel your athlete will require more support than what teammates can provide, you will have an opportunity to be their direct athlete support volunteer or register as a Family Team.

For more questions email


Who will be on the field supervising?

There will be a segment lead for each leg of the course (swim, bike, run) and LOTS of course marshals and volunteers (125+)  along the way. Athletes will never be out of sight of a volunteer!


Will there be bathrooms and refreshments on the course?

Yes! We will provide ADA accessible porta-potties and aid stations with water.


How long will the race take?

Faster than you think! It will be different for every athlete or team. We highly recommend your athlete or team get together and train before the event, whether at THPRD or on your own. This will give you a much better sense of the time it will take for them to complete the course.


Does every participant get a medal?



Is the event going to be held no matter the weather conditions?

Yes! This is a rain or shine event but race coordinators will follow THPRD event cancellation procedure should weather present a danger to athletes and volunteers.


Can I volunteer?

Yes! Click here to learn about the different volunteer opportunities and sign up!


Can I choose which heat my child is in?

No, if you have specific concerns please email us at


Swim Segment Questions 


My child does not swim, how can they do the swimming part?

Participants are welcome to use adaptive equipment during all segments of the race (swim, bike, run). The pool will have noodles, kickboards, life jackets and rafts.

Is there a lift to get in and out of the pool?

Yes there is one lift. We will schedule one participant per heat in the lift lane of the pool. Please include this information in your registration materials.

 Is the pool chlorine or saline?


How deep is the pool?

3 ½ feet to 4 ½ feet at deepest point

 My child will need to change out of a swim diaper before the rest of the race. Is there a changing room?

  • There are 2 private family changing rooms, as well as a large Men’s and Women’s locker rooms. There is plenty of space to change, use the bathroom and rinse off as needed.
  • If your athlete requires personal attendant care (toileting, changing of clothes) during the race we ask that parents identify the person that will provide support and ensure they register as a Direct Athlete Support Volunteer.

Can I visit the pool at THPRD to train?

You can go during open swim or join an aquatic program at THPRD.


Bike Segment Questions 

My child cannot ride a bike, how can they do that part?

Participants are welcome to use adaptive equipment during all segments of the race (swim, bike, run). There are many adaptive bicycles to explore! Tricycles, recumbent bikes, scooters, etc.

Team members can complete any leg of the race if adaptive equipment is not an option.

Will there be bikes provided?

No. Bikes (adaptive or not) and helmets (required) are the responsibility of each athlete. Email for more ideas and suggestions on where you might acquire adaptive equipment.

Will parents drop off the equipment at the registration table for volunteers to distribute?

 No, part of the registration process is athletes and team members setting up their race equipment. There will be volunteers to help direct athletes to set up locations.

For more question email  


Running Segment Questions


Can my child walk instead of run?


Will there be adaptive equipment provided?

  • No, athletes are responsible for any and all adaptive equipment they may need.
  • Email for more ideas and suggestions on where you might acquire adaptive equipment.


Event day – what do I need to bring?

  1. Sunscreen
  2. Any adaptive equipment you need
  3. Water bottle or other favorite hydration options
  4. Snacks and/or lunch if there are dietary restrictions that we cannot meet (we will try to provide some nut-free, GF, DF, EF, SF options)! And, we will share food options we are providing in the pre-event email confirmation, but due to the nature of the event, please plan to bring food for very allergic participants. Cross contamination at large events is always possible!
  5. Helmet


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