When you become a parent, the world is full of new adventures. When your child experiences a disability, those adventures multiply. Relationships change, family support looks different, and the paperwork can be overwhelming. Through it all, families seek to stay focused on their vision of the future for all their children. Keeping that focus – with your child at the center of decisions – is essential. One way to do that is through a process called person–centered planning. Read more about this approach…

Sample Person-centered Plans:

Chris     Christian    Connor    Dennis     Ellie     James     Kenton    Libby    Olivia    Parker    Ramona     Todd/Transition Plan

En Español

Arturo (en español)    Kevin/Transition Plan (en español)    Martín (en español)    Paula (en español)   Planeamiento Personalizado (ejemplo)

на русском языке

Пола (на русском языке)     Кентон (на русском языке)     Кевин/Transition Plan (на русском языке)

Tiếng Việt

Paula (Tiếng Việt)     Kenton (Tiếng Việt)     Kevin/Transition Plan (Tiếng Việt)

FACT Templates

FACT Person-centered Profile Template (one-page)

FACT Person-centered Profile Template (one-page) (en español)

FACT Person-centered Profile Template (two-page)

FACT Person-centered Profile Template (two-page) (en español)

Other Templates

Celebrating Families samples

Sheffkids One Page Profile Templates

General Information on Person-centered Planning

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