FACT Oregon has put together the following information for parents and caregivers to use as references and activity workbooks as you navigate through special education. We encourage you to use the note fields to jot down information relevant to your child(ren), and fill out the accompanying activity sheets.

Disability Buzzwordsrsz_disabilty_buzzwords
Understanding the IEP: Development, Process, and Your Important Role on the Team

Workbook "Understanding the IEP: What’s Next?"
IEP Handbook_Final_021815_Page_01

Insert Activity IEP booklet_Final_021815_Page_1

Preparing for a Successful Transition to Kindergarten

Workbook "Transition to Kindergarten"
Trans to K Booklet_Final_021115_Page_01

Insert Activity_Trans to K Booklet_Final_021115_Page_1

Launch: Preparing for the Transition to AdulthoodLaunch Adulthood Booklet_Final_021715_Page_01

It Starts with a Dream! Introduction to Person-centered Planning and the One-page Profile

Workbook "One-page Profile Templates"
It Starts With a Dream Booklet_Final_ 021815_Page_01

Insert One Page Profile Templates_Final 021115_Page_1

Understanding Your Special Education Rights and Procedural SafeguardsUnderstand Rights Booklet_Final_021715_Page_01

Special Education: A Guide for Parents and AdvocatesCover for DRO version 2

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