Congratulations! You are raising a teenager. Or maybe you are a teenager looking for more information about what to expect.

Middle school/early high school brings all sorts of new challenges and questions. FACT Oregon has compiled information below to help you keep your footing as you follow your north star for yourself or your child.

Diploma Options

Modified Diploma and Extended Diploma
Oregon Department of Education: Oregon Diploma

Common Core and Testing

Common Core State Standards [CCSS] & Special Education


Restraint and Seclusion
Disability Rights Oregon: Restraint & Seclusion of Children in Special Education

IEP Resources

FACT Oregon workbook: “Understanding the IEP: Development, Process, and Your Important Role on the Team”
FACT Oregon activity booklet: “Understanding the IEP: What’s Next?”
FACT Oregon webinar: “Understanding the IEP”
Arc Academy: video of FACT ‘s Noelle Sisk speaking on the topic, “How to Get the Most out of an IEP Meeting”
Oregon Department of Education: Oregon Standard IEP (in English, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Vietnamese)

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution