As disability advocate Kathie Snow reminds us,”Inclusion is the natural state. Every person is born included. Never ask permission to be included! Segregation begets segregation – inclusion begets inclusion.” FACT Oregon has compiled a number of organizations and resources below where you can get research-based information about inclusive practices and ways to celebrate your wonderful person who happens to experience disability.


Inclusive Child Care Program
Institute for Community Inclusion [ICI]
Kathie Snow’s Disability is Natural
Kids Together, Inc.
Loud Hands Project
Paula Kluth’s Toward Inclusive Classrooms and Communities


FACT Oregon webinar, Disability is Natural  |  La Discapacidad es Natural

Ariane Zurcher: Henry’s Fight for Inclusion
Center for Parent Information and Resources’ video, UDL at a Glance
Great Schools: Universal Design for Learning – Improved Access for All
The Inclusive Class: 10 of the Best Pinterest Boards About Inclusion
The Inclusive Class: Inclusion Articles for Parents
Kathie Snow: Examples of Person-first Language chart
Kathie Snow: People First Language
Kathie Snow: The Problem with ‘Problem’
National Catholic Board on Full Inclusion: Research that Supports Inclusion
National Center on Secondary Education and Transition (NCSET): “Community Resource Mapping: A Strategy for Promoting Successful Transition for Youth with Disabilities”
U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Rights Division, Disability Rights Section: “A Guide to Disability Rights Laws”
Center for Parent Information and Resources’ video, UDL at a Glance